What's On!

As restrictions for Covid 19 have been lifted, we no longer wear masks, but anyone is welcome to do so if they wish.  We still use hand gel and refrain from hugging each other.   Please come and join us, and enjoy worship and fellowship with us.  

                    All ministry conducted by Andrew Parfitt
(unless stated otherwise)


Sunday 3rd              Worship Service at 11.00am
Clive Jones - Staplehurst Free Church

Tuesday 5th            Coffee Stop - drop in any time between
                                      10.00 am and midday

Sunday 10th            Worship service at 11.00 am
                                      with communion
Thursday 14th         Bible Study at 10.30am
                                       Abraham (4) - Saving Faith

Sunday 17th             Worship Service at 11.00am                                         

Sunday 24th           Worship Service at 11.00am
with communion
                                       Garry Shoebrook (now in ministry 
                                       partnership at the church)

Thursday 28th        Share with Prayer at 10.30am

Sunday 31st             Worship Service at 11.00am


Sunday 7th                Worship service at 11.00am
Garry Shoebrook (ministry
                                         partner at LRFC)

Sunday 14th              Worship Service at 11.00am   
with communion
Jenny Thompson  (Larkfield
                                        Community Church)

Sunday 21st               Worship service at 11.00am

Sunday 28th             Worship service at 11.00am
                                         with communion

                        NO OTHER SERVICES AT THE CHURCH
                                         DURING AUGUST

                          You will always be welcome at Linton                                         Road Friendly Church!


The Maidstone Christian Cancer Support Group has now closed after five and a half years of faithful service to those in need. Andrew and Ann Parfitt thank everyone who has been involved.