About Us

         Our church focus: Prayer, Care and the Word

We aim above all to centre our services and lives on the Lord Jesus and to point to Him as the Saviour of the world.

We are known as a friendly church, and we seek to 'carry each other's burdens' through prayer and care.  Our services are informal and we encourage participation so that we can 'build one another up'.  Mainly we use the New International Version of the Bible, and Mission Praise for sung worship.  We value the times of friendship and fellowship that go alongside the various activities.

As well as the Sunday services each week (11.00 am) we meet each month for a Bible study, a 'Share with Prayer' meeting and Coffee Stop.  See What's On menu for current details.

We are a 'Free' church which simply means that we do not belong to a denomination or other network.  However, we have good relationships with other local churches and belong to the Evangelical Alliance which links us to the wider Christian world, and identifies us with the evangelical witness to biblical truths and values.

Our Trustees - Terence Hawgood (Chairman), Clive Jones, and Sandy Parsons - oversea the financial and business governance of the church.


     Our Leadership Team

Sandy Parsons

Church Administrator/


andrew and ann.jpg

  Andrew & Ann Parfitt
    Pastor and Deacon                 

Since April 2021 the church has been led by Andrew Parfitt who has a long experience of pastoral and teaching ministry in churches and other Christian organisations, both in the UK and abroad.   He provides most of the preaching, with visiting speakers from time to time.